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Issue #9 - September 2010
09-12-2010, 08:15 PM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2010 09:06 PM by 420Guy.)
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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Features and Profiles
Title: An Interview with bW
Author: 420Guy

An Interview with bW

This interview with bW took place in August & September of 2010. bW joined the community in 2005, and was a Buddy from 2008 up until the board closed. Since then he has had to go through a rough experience, but he has pulled through and continues to be a positive influence in the community.

420Guy: Back in 2005, was a busy forum for boylovers like you and I. Why did you decide to join the board?

bW: If I'm to be honest, it would have been for the pictures. As I can't remember the exact reason why I did join, this would be a fairly good guess. I think most BLs would be trying to kid themselves if they say they joined for any other reason. It's in our nature. I'm glad that it evolved into more than just that.

420: Although you joined, you didn't become a really active poster for a couple of years. What made you finally start posting more?

bW: From what I remember I joined in September 2005 and didn't really start to post outside the gallery until mid/late 2006. I remember one of my first real threads where I came out and said something to the whole 'community', it was when I was under my original board name (before I became bW), it was posted on the fridge door.

It was about getting posts counted in the gallery.

420: What are your thoughts about posts being counted in some rooms, but not in others?

bW: It doesn't concern me anymore. It was more of a BLn specific issue. What I will say is that as you belong to the 'community' for longer periods of time, you start to appreciate more the quality of other members' posts, rather than the quantity.

420: What is one of your fondest memories from your days as a member of

bW: Well, there are a lot. Hard to pick just one. I'd have to say that getting the Buddy job from Stormorphan was pretty cool. At that time, I was really enjoying helping out as much as I could. Over the years, there have been a few memorable threads I've been a part of, that have stuck out in my mind. Being that I've never met another BL in real life, the board contacts are the only way I know people. So I have memories of particular threads.

420: Do you think we are born as boylovers, or is it a result of childhood experiences?

bW: I know I was born like this. I knew it from a very young age. I also know that some of my childhood experiences helped me to confirm the feelings that I had as I was growing up, and that it wasn't a mere case of homosexuality. I knew for sure by the time I was about 15, that I liked boys. It would only be years later that I would find out that the term used for my sexuality was 'hebephilia'.

I think there are many reasons why we are BoyLovers, and it's not as simple as saying "it's this or that".

* * * * * * *

420: Several months ago you experienced something that most childlovers dread... a visit from the authorities. Can you describe to us what happened that day?

bW: Six Australian Federal Police came to visit me at about eight a.m. one morning. They searched my place, took some things for testing, arrested and charged me and then bailed me all in about 8 hours. One day I was a clean normal single guy making my way through life, the next I was a convicted sex offender. From start to finish, the whole process has taken about 8 months. It's been a very tough year on a number of different fronts, one more so than others. I now have a very close first hand look at exactly what goes into charging someone for a crime like this. All the politics that are involved in the fabricated guise of 'child protection'. And quite frankly, it stinks!

420: To clarify: you were not charged with abusing a child in any way, shape, or form.

bW: That's correct. I said it to the police. I said it to my lawyers. I said it to the judge and anyone else who I've been in contact with over this situation, I would NEVER hurt a child. Period! I have never been charged or in trouble or caught for doing anything inappropriate with a child because of one simple fact. It has never happened. I've admitted that I have sexual feelings towards some boys, but that fact should mean nothing in context of a 'crime'. I was obviously not a fan of the laws before I ended up getting screwed by them, and quite obviously I'm not a fan of them now either. It's hard to subjectively comment on them now, because it would just seem like I'm complaining because I got caught. Well, yes and no. Without wanting to sound too melodramatic, they've totally fuck my life up. It's going to take me years to get some type of normality back into my life. I know it can be done and I will make sure it will be done because I know in my heart that I'm a good person, and I don't want to live the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself, or being bitter at the world. As bad as my life is at the moment, there are many many people in a worse situation than me. I just have to look on the good side of things.

420: Do you know what led to their visit?

bW: I can only assume it was because of my involvement with BLn. I never did anything else BL related other than that. When I was charged the dates listed were oct 08 - jun 09. What I eventually ended up getting in trouble for didn't come from or have anything to do with BLn.

420: Have you been outed amongst your community because of this, or were you given a bit of privacy?

bW: No, I haven't been outed. One of my family members knows as I told them on the day I was raided. Not a good situation. That's something that lingers in the back of your mind though. Will that day come in future when I will be outed? And if that day does come, what purpose will it serve?

420: Have you had to deal with hate or discrimination, aside from the arrest, etc.? How did you respond?

bW: From other people, no. As I have already said, no one knows. From the authorities, yes. Let's just say that I don't have very nice things to say about any of the police I have been in contact with. I will judge them just as they judged me. Knowing nothing about them at all, I can honestly say that I think they are all power hungry tools who have little or no compassion for the general public, or peoples feelings or their lives. There is a saying that has stuck with me that I learned during my school days from my English teacher. "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely". It's a shame that it is so true.

420: Do you have any advice for those who may face something similar in the future?

bW: Well, do the best you can to avoid getting into that situation in the first place would be my tip. Don't freak out. Try to stay as calm and rational as you can. I made the biggest mistake of telling someone in my family about being BL when I was raided. Not good. I would advise never to tell anyone if this happens to you and it can be done. Most people just won't understand.

420: Some people leave the community after such an event and others don't....why did you choose to stay?

bW: Well, for a number of reasons. Now, I have more valid things to say (although this doesn't mean I always say them). I enjoy, like and can relate to the BL community. You guys have grow to be like an extended type of family, and some of you I'd even consider good friends. I've never felt like I've wanted to keep the secret. If it wasn't suicide to tell people, my family and my friends, that I was a Boylover than I would. Now that I have been 'found out' and 'known', there is actually a bit of peace that comes with it.

420: If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be and why?

bW: My record. I don't want it. I shouldn't have it.

* * * * * * *

420: How do you feel about Age of Consent laws....should they be changed? Is that all boylove is about?

bW: Well, it's a complex issue. I'd rather not comment. As for boylove, I think it's self-explanatory. When you strip away all the taboos about adult/child relations, when you get down to the bare basics of what boylove should be about, it is blatantly obvious. LOVE of BOYS. In all it's manifestations. How can something that is supposed to be the ultimate good be manipulated to represent the sinful bad. I think that people don't want to accept that we might actually love their children more than they do.

420: Do you think there is anything we can do to change how the general public perceives boylovers?

bW: Not at the moment. I was really hoping that one day Michael Jackson would come out as a boylover and then we would have a world wide figure head that could help push our cause. But he is dead, so that kinda stuffs that up.

420: What was your childhood like? Did you have any sexual experiences as a youth?

bW: I had a good childhood. As a young boy I had a few experiences with some boys I knew, and even had a boyfriend from when I was aged 11-13. Without doubt they were the best years of my life. That is all I will say.

420: When did you first realize that you were attracted to boys?

bW: Like I said, around 15. I knew in my teens that I wasn't being attracted to any of the boys in my class anymore, and that I'd rather spend my time coaching the under 9s basketball team. I look back on it now and realize that it was so much for me to deal with growing up, and it makes me sad knowing that right now there is most likely a boy feeling the same way. What kind of help or support will there be for him in the future?

420: If you could speak to that boy and offer him support right now, what would you say?

bW: I'd tell him not to be scared or ashamed of who he is or how he feels. Having feelings for underage persons does not make you a bad person. It's hard to imagine just how tough it would be to grow up as a child in today's world. That might sound like I'm cutting them some slack, but I think it's the truth. All I can go by are my own experiences and I know it was tough growing up for me as a teen, right around the time of the digital revolution. What scares me about the kids growing up today is pretty much the same fears that parents and the supposed 'responsible' adults fear: technology. I feel sad that the way we (or should I say 'they'?) treat people like us is just going to make criminals of a lot of vulnerable young people.

420: Are you strictly attracted to boys?

bW: Yes. My AoA is 10-16 years old. Boys. I love Boys. Anything and everything to do with boys, I love it.

420: Even their smelly breath and stinky shoes?

bW: Yes. I take the good with the bad. I'll be honest and say I'm not a big fan of poop or young loud babies though.

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09-12-2010, 08:16 PM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2010 09:08 PM by 420Guy.)
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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Work (Short Story Contest entries)

The following 2 stories were entered into our story contest. (Thanks to!)
If you would like to help choose the winner, you can vote at, or send your vote via email to: ....please use 'Vote' as the subject for your email.
Note that no editing has been done to these stories, how you critique them is entirely up to you!

Title: Our House
Author: skyboy

Our House

My shoes are soaked, but I don’t care. I’m happy. Scenes of evergreens and sun beams surround me as my best friend, Cody, and I silently pull through the stream. We don’t need to talk right now. We just take it all in. This journey we repeat each and every day never gets old. We have a bond. A certain bond that allows us to speak volumes with silence. A certain telepathic bond that never fails us. We’re constantly in sync. Always knowing what the other is thinking, and always inviting each other to step inside the other’s mind.

It’s a perfect Fall day. The leaves gently drift to the ground where they meet their final resting place. We reach a tree. Our tree. With a rope to climb that leads to a house. Our house.

We built it ourselves. On a summer day so long ago, but yet it seems like it was yesterday. We were bored. It was hot and we were beginning to get on each other’s nerves, as often happened when it was too hot for reasoning. But when our fathers suggested we build a tree house, all of the aggravation dissolved into warm summer air.

We loaded some wood that my father uses for his construction job into a wheel-barrel, and set off into the woods surrounding our homes. We pushed it through this same creek, and by nightfall we had a new treehouse. It wasn’t the best tree-house, but it was sufficient, and we were proud of it. Proud that we made it. Proud that we had a place to call our own.

I climb the ladder to the top, and Cody follows. We stand on the chairs we had set up so long ago. Just a pace apart, we stare into each other’s eyes. They’re telling me something that his lips aren’t. They’re telling me that he loves me. I lean in slowly, hesitantly, nervously. My stomach feels like it is splitting open, giving birth to something new. Our lips meet, and the world stops in silence, watching us through the tiny window we cut out on that one summer day.

We part, and I am satisfied. I feel like I will fall of the chair, and it confuses me why we are even standing on them, but I don’t question it. It feels right. But when I open my eyes, he isn’t there. He’s gone, no longer in the treehouse with me. I’m not even sure I’m in the treehouse anymore, because the bright surreal sunlight that once surrounded me turns into a dirty florescent. The wooden walls turn gray with cement, and the small bed Cody and I had once shared was now a cold metal washing machine.

I feel the rope between my fingers, now old and dirty and grey. No longer the fingers of the boy I once was, and long to be. My foot looses balance, and when I knock the chair over, everything ends.

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09-12-2010, 08:16 PM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2010 09:09 PM by 420Guy.)
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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Title: Mirrored Bookends
Author: Miguel Sanchez

Hi, I’m Jerry Samuels and I want to tell you about 2 boys, Jake Styles and Charlie Franklin, who mean the world to me. Where should I begin? Let’s go back to when I met them.

Their parents moved in across the street from me when the boys were still babies. Charlie Franklin’s parents moved in first and I found out Charles was a cop on the department I used to be with before getting burned out and becoming a firefighter/paramedic. Charlie’s Mom was a former teacher who decided to be a full time Mom.

A few weeks later, Jake Styles’ parents moved in so I decided to have both families over for a nice barbeque. When the boys were about 2 both women decided to go to work. I had been forced into retirement due to an injury so they asked if I’d be interested in becoming their sitter. I thought for a moment then decided to accept.

Both boys were wet so I had to give a practical demonstration to the mothers that I could handle diaper duty. Neither mother gave me any information about them but as soon as I removed Jake’s diaper I saw she was left natural. After cleaning his abdomen and bottom, I retracted his foreskin then cleaned his penis. I also noticed he had some diaper rash forming so I applied some ointment then put a clean diaper on. Charlie was cut so changing him was a little quicker. When I lifted their legs to clean the boys’ bottoms, I noticed each boy had a red birthmark on their butt cheeks. Jake had his on his right butt cheek and Charlie’s was on his left.

As the boys grew I noticed that Jake always walked on Charlie's right. Another thing I noticed when they were coloring was that Charlie was a southpaw. Over the next 4 years, these 2 were totally inseparable; where one was, so was the other with Jake being on Charlie's right.

The boys loved the fact I had a pool. On this particular day, the boys would be staying over night as their parents had a special dinner to attend so I had them get into the shower to remove the chlorine. The boys were in the shower for a while then I heard them holler, “Uncle Jerry, Uncle Jerry.”

I ran down to the bathroom not knowing what was going on. The door was cracked open a little but I didn’t even bother to knock. “What’s wrong boys, who’s hurt?” I asked as I opened the shower curtain looking to find one of them hurt based on the sound of the yell.

“Nothing’s wrong Uncle Jerry,” Came the reply in unison.

I looked each boy over quickly making sure. “Now, what’s up other than scaring me?”

Jake turned Charlie around and pointed to his right butt cheek. “Look Uncle Jerry, look at Charlie’s butt.”

Jake was pointing at Charlie’s birthmark. “Yeah, I know all about it, you have one too. I saw it a long time ago when you were both in diapers.”

The boys were about the same height so I had them stand back to back. Their birthmarks were in the exact same place. While I was looking at them I noticed that across their shoulders, they had a splash of freckles. This was the first time I’d seen this because I didn’t remember it when they were babies. My eyes were moving left and right, up and down and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Every freckle on Jake’s back matched perfectly to those on Charlie. I was wondering what the odds of this were, probably astronomical. They turned around so I got each boy wrapped in a towel and got them out of the tub.

The next day when the boys’ parents came over to get them, I told them about the freckles. At first they didn’t believe it until I had them stand back to back again. Charlie’s Dad was shaking his head. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“I’ve seen brothers before and even identical twins but never have I seen anything like this.”

Jake’s Mom was nodding her head. “I’ve always felt the boys were very special.”

All too soon, the boys were in school and from day 1, these 2 had to stay together. When they were in preschool, they tried putting them in different classes but that lasted all of about an hour.

When the boys were 6, something totally unexpected happened. On a Friday afternoon, the boys’ parents were killed in a freak accident. Now, their parents had planned for an untimely accident. I’d been named as the boys’ legal guardian and had their blessing to adopt both of them. I met them at the bus which was not part of their usual routine. “Uncle Jerry, why are you here?”

I reached my hands out and they took them then we walked home. I didn’t have a clue as to how I was going to break this to them so I decided just to come out and say it. When we got inside my house, I sat them down beside me as I wrapped my arms around them both so I could totally destroy their young world. “Boys, I have something to tell you and it’s not good. I don’t know the details but your parents were killed in an accident.”

No sooner had the words been said when they broke down. I pulled him onto my lap and we all held each other as the boys cried. Several minutes later Jake sat up and stared at me as tears continued to roll down his cheeks. “What is gonna happen to me Uncle Jerry?”

Charlie heard Jake’s question. “We’re all alone Uncle Jerry.”

“You’re not alone boys. Your parents had a plan in case something like this should ever happen. They had documents drawn up naming me as your legal guardian.”

They looked at each other then hugged me tightly. I sat there explaining everything when there was a knock on the door. When I opened the door, there was a policewoman. “Mr. Samuels, I’m Det. Alison Watts. I’m with Juvenile. I heard that both couples had children.

I let her in then went to get my copies of the boys’ parent’s requests. “Here you go detective, I believe this should answer any questions.”

She looked them over. “Thank you sir, I know this will take a load off of the boys’ minds.” After she left I was back with the boys holding them.

By the time school was out, the boys’ high spirit had once again returned and we were now a family. That was until one afternoon when the boys were in the pool. There was a knock on the door and there stood an elderly looking woman. “Mr. Samuels, I’m Ms. Clark from Social Services. We’ve been informed that there are 2 orphaned young boys living here.”

Remembering my time as a cop, I knew they could be relentless so I did not allow her inside. I closed the door then got the papers naming me as their guardian. I then returned to the door. “Might I ask who informed you of this?”

She shook her head. “It was an anonymous tip.”

“I’m sure it was.” I replied pulling out the paper. “Now, as you can see, this names me as their guardian and has been filed with the court.”

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to see the boys.”

I shook my head. “Unless you’re claiming they’ve been mistreated in some way, I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen.

She tried to push in but I blocked her with the door. “Do you wish to be charged with trespassing?”

She turned and left but I knew this was far from over. I got on the phone and called the lawyer who drew up these papers. Over dinner, I had to explain this to the boys but assured them that I was not going down without a fight.

3 months later I had to produce the boys before a family court judge. Mr. Burton was the lawyer who drew up the papers and was well aware of the intentions laid out by the Styles and the Franklins. The old biddy made her opening remarks. “Your Honor, these 2 boys are in the care of a single male, this is something we do not allow. I’m…”

The judge raised his hand. “You mean to tell the court that you’re in the habit of removing children from widowers?”

“Of course not but this isn’t the case here. This person is unfit to raise these or any other child. I pray nothing has happened to them.”

“Objection,” Mr. Burton shouted, “Assumes facts not in evidence.”

“Sustained,” The Judge replied. “Keep your comments to yourself Ms. Clark or you’ll find yourself in contempt.”

Ms. Clark stood firm. “Your Honor, it is the belief of Social Services that single men can not properly care for the needs of children.”

BANG, BANG, BANG! “I have warned you madam. One more outburst and you’ll be in contempt and your checking account will be light several hundred dollars. Do we understand each other?”

“Your Honor…”

BANG, BANG, BANG. “Do we understand each other?” The judge asked in a stern voice.

She stood there not knowing what to do. Mr. Burton stood and looked at the woman. “Ma’am, did you ever find out what Mr. Samuels did for a living?”

“I don’t need to know what he did. He’s single, that’s all I care about.”

I looked at the judge and he was doing a slow boil. Mr. Burton pulled a file out of his briefcase. “Mr. Samuels is a former police officer and a retired firefighter/paramedic.”

“And single,” she added.

The Judge had had enough. “Ms. Clark; Mr. Samuels is now the permanent legal guardian of Jake Styles and Charlie Franklin. If Social Services ever try to interfere in these peoples lives, I will jail every person responsible. I’ll have you know I’m a single parent and my children are doing just fine. I’m ordering the state to do an investigation into every one of your cases. Mr. Samuels, I would like to speak with the boys. Would you like to join us?”

I stood then shook my head. “No Your Honor, I’d like for you to meet them.”

“Very well sir, this court is in recess.” The judge said as we stood while he left the bench for his chambers.

Inside, the Judge sat on the sofa so he could talk with the boys. When he looked at them, the first thing he noticed were skinned knees. Jake’s right knee was skinned and Charlie’s left was skinned. “How did you both manage to skin your knees?”

The boys looked at each other then smiled and turned back towards the man in the back robe, “Skateboarding.”

The jurist laughed. “Skateboarding?”

Charlie nodded his head. “Uh huh, we tried a side by side jump.”

Then Jake added, “And we did a side by side fall.”

The judge was giggling. “Are you sure you two aren’t twins?”

Charlie shook his head. “No sir, just good friends. We’ve known each other for as long as I can remember.”

Jake chimed in then. “It is kinda freaky though. We got these birth marks in almost the same places on our bottoms.”

Charlie stood up and started to undo his shorts. “No son, that won’t be necessary.”

Jake looked over at Charlie. “Is Uncle Jerry going to be our Dad?”

“Is that what you boys want?

Both boys’ heads started bobbing up and down. “I’ll take that means yes.

The judge stood and led the boys back into the courtroom and onto the bench. “Mr. Samuels, you definitely have your hands full with these two active boys. I firmly believe you’ll be a good parent to these guys. Someone from Social Services will be checking in periodically to see how things are going and I’ll be getting those reports. If you are ever harassed, I want to know about this immediately. I wish the 3 of you the best. This court is adjourned.”

The boys hurried down the steps and into my arms. “Yippie, you’re our Dad now,” they said in unison.

Life settled into days of play and romping for the boys and they made several new friends. One afternoon they cornered me. “Dad, will you build us a tree fort?”

Now when I was their age, a friend and I made one. It was almost a right of passage for a boy to have his own fort. Jake, Charlie and I loaded into the van and it was off to the lumber store. An hour later, we were on our way home with all the supplies needed. We found a tree that was sturdy for the fort then began to unload the material. It took us a couple of days to build it but it was worth the effort.

One afternoon, I was sitting by the pool reading the paper and the boys were playing in their fort. Unbeknownst to me, they had fashioned a rope swing and they were having a blast on it. The tree was just inside the woods line and I was wondering what the howls and whoops were all about. I set the paper down and was about to walk down to the fort when I heard a scream that wasn’t fun. I ran down to the fort and found both boys lying on the ground holding their arms. I got my cell phone out and dialed 911 then started checking them out.

About 5 minutes after the call was placed, I heard the ambulance. I got them back to the boys and after checking them over, they were on their way to the hospital. I had to follow in the van but soon I was reunited with them. The doctor was a gem and had them calmed down and x-rayed quickly. I sat back and watched as each boy had their arm bandaged then wrapped in plaster. Jake had a cast on his left arm and Charlie was sporting one on his right. After the doctor was done, the boys looked at me and I just shook my head. Clad in just their underwear they came over and sat on my lap. “We’re sorry Dad.” Charlie said softly.

“I guess every boy needs a broken bone or 2 as they grow up. How did you manage this?”

Jake shook his head. “No way Dad, this one is enough for me. We tried to swing down together and the rope didn’t hold.”

“I’m glad nothing more than your arms got broken.”

As they got dressed I finally realized what I had on my hands. After they got dressed, I was on my way home with my mirrored bookends.

The End

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Boylover Reflections
Title: The Clerk
Author: joe654321

We walked into the local sporting goods store in the small New England town where we had decided to spend a few days reconnecting in order to rent some cross country skis for the afternoon. He was standing behind the counter. Fifteen, maybe sixteen years old at most, completely baby-faced, brown curly hair, and a small gold hoop earring on his left earlobe, just peeking out of the toboggan he was wearing. This was obviously his first job, and it was evident that he was still learning the ropes of it.

“Can I help you?” he says, and I answer, “Yeah, we’d like to rent some cross country skis". “Come on downstairs”, he says, and leads us past the racks of fancy new skis, snowboards, and outerwear to the unfinished store basement where they keep all of the rental equipment. His inexperience is evident not only from his youthful appearance, but from the hesitant way in which he fumbles through the sizing charts, trying to figure out the appropriate gear for us. He checks with a more experienced store employee. He wants to be sure he’s doing his job’s cute. My friend reads the smirk on my face, or some other non-verbal cue I must be giving off. “What?”, she asks. I don’t want to reveal my thoughts in the store. “I’ll tell you later". “Why don’t you go help him?”. “Ok”. I help the clerk select some poles for us, and we’re all set. We carry our gear upstairs and pay for it. She chats with the clerk about how he’s planning to go snowboarding at Bromley tomorrow. She talks to him like a normal cool adult might talk to a teenager. Me, I’m a tongue tied idiot. I pay for our gear, thank the clerk, and we head outside.

As we’re walking down the street, she asks me, “What was that all about?”. I tell her, “The clerk in there was cute". She knows. “I figured that’s what it was". She pauses, “He’s like fifteen". “I know". “That’s sick". she says, but I know better. I’ve spent too much time in therapy overcoming my negative self-judgment about my attraction to teenage boys to allow her comment to get to me. It’s not like I’m trying to pick the kid up or something, just admiring him in my head. “What do you want me to tell you?” I say, “You asked". “Nothing", she replies. “I just want you to be yourself". Score one for me, but I know she’s upset. She goes into bitch mode. She expresses her anger indirectly, through the abrupt, curt responses she gives as we try to decide where to ski that afternoon, and the uncharacteristically unilateral decision making process by which she decides where we will ski that afternoon, even going so far as to say, “We’re going here, and I’m driving, so you’re stuck going where I want". I know it’s not the right time to push or probe, and I allow her her mental space.

We get ready to ski and head off down the trail in the same direction. I’m about 50 yards ahead of her, giving her the space I know she needs. As we round the first corner of the field, the trail loops around and climbs halfway up the hill. I stop and pause to see if she’s ready to talk. She apologizes for her reaction and for judging me, and acknowledges that a lot of that is stemming from her own insecurities about our relationship. She admits it’s hypocritical. When she came out to me as bi while we were dating seven years ago, I didn’t have any security issues about our relationship. She used to share her attractions to the teenage girls with whom she used to work, and the intensity of her passion turned me on to no end. I was hopeful that one day I would be able to be as open and honest about my teenage same-sex attractions as she was with me. The initial response made me concerned, but her apology gave me renewed hope that one day it might be possible. One step at a time…

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Work
Title: Unknown
Contributed by: AlphaBoy

Your sweet laughter frees me,
it gives me wings.
Loneliness it takes away,
jails it plucks from me.
Tiny mouth that flies,
pure heart that in your lips

Author: Miguel Hernández (spanish poet).
Translation and (almost negligible) adaptation: AlphaBoy

* * * * * * *

This picture sort of fits next to the poem, but if you can think of a better placement in the mag, please do so! Smile

Contributed by: SimbaLion

A boy from a village in the Deh Chopan district of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. Photo taken in 2009.

[Image: afghaniboy.jpg]


The picture above is a smaller quality picture for display on the board. The full-sized, high quality picture for use in the magazine is here:

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Work
Title: The Boy's Own Reciter
Contributed by: ruan

The Boys Own Reciter

I would like to share with fellow boylovers of a book in my possession entitled 'The Boy's Own Reciter'. I have no idea how I obtained it and it is one of my treasured books. There is no publication date but I speculate it's from the 1930s.

It is a collection of poems and recitals for the young boy to perform on public platform. Amongst the very many and intriguing titles include : 'Our Dormintary Battle', 'A Boy', 'A Real Lazy Day', 'Father Anthony' and much more.

In the introductory pages, it has a fabulous poem called 'Dedicated to All Boys The World Over' and would like to share it with you:

There is the witty boy and the pretty boy,
And the boy who oils his hair;
There is the catfaced boy, and the rat-faced boy,
And the boy with the bovie stare.

There's the steamy boy boy, and the dreamy boy,
And the boy who is 'up to date';
There is the boy who mopes, and the boy who jokes,
And the boy who is always late.

There's the tender boy, and the slender boy,
and the boy with limbs like a bear's;
There's the stoutish boy, and the loutish boy,
And the boy who slides downstairs.

There's the cheerful boyand 'that fearful boy';
And the boy who deserves a flogging;
There's a boy with a heart and the boy too 'smart',
And the boy whose brain wants a jogging.

There's the grass-green boy, and the bright, keen boy,
And the boy who is always blubbing;
There's the climby boy and the grimy boy,
And the boy who shirks his tubbing.

There are many others, oh men and brothers,
And none are all bad, you bet;
There are boys and boys-yet, through grief and joys,
They are Somebody's Darlings yet.

Best wishes to all

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Boylover Reflections
Title: Consensual Relationships
Author: AlphaBoy

Consensual Relationships

The age of consent is a controversial subject in most worldwide legislation. When analyzing those regulations upon this matter, the criteria for defining a consensual relationship varies from country to country, even existing substantial differences between the laws in different territories, states or districts of the same nation.

Appealing to the common sense, it is easy to formulate an intuitive definition: “A consensual relationship is one between a boy and a male adult[1], in which the minor is conscious of it, he agrees on the way the relationship is and he decides to keep on it”.

At this point it seems to be clear enough, but for some people this issue is not that simple. One of the arguments against legalizing pedophile relationships, most beloved by our fiercest detractors, is that boys do not have the right nor the capacity to self-determination. While they think they are protecting their childhood by arguing this, most of us consider that this approach results in a general disregard of the human nature undeniably present in the boy. Usually they interpret this lack of self-determination as that boys are easily influenced. Therefore instead of deciding themselves, the boys are being influenced by their adult friends to consent the relationship, but that’s not always true[2].

This question is a matter of opinion and no objective opinion can be provided on it. The only authority able to judge impartially this matter is science. Nevertheless, the actual social sciences pretending to treat with human nature, like psychology and sociology, are still in their toddler-hood. When our social sciences stop being a merely qualitative practice and convert themselves into an accurate body of knowledge able to both explain and predict human behavior with a mathematical precision, such as physics do, then we shall know the truth about the nature of a boy. In the meantime, both our adversaries and us should keep our personal opinions, trying to argue in their favor the best we can.

But there is a fact that is real and nobody can deny: each boy is unique and therefore each one must be treated uniquely, and not like laws and society do. While there are really clever, sensitive and aware boys, pedophiles should recognize the existence of boys that do not care to maintain a relationship with an adult, mainly because of the prejudges they have acquired from their families and the society surrounding them. There are also boys whose temperaments do not make possible to hold such relationship for their well-being, and boylovers should understand that.

At this point, the word boylover has arisen. For the purpose of this paper, it is fundamental to precisely define that word. A main inherent characteristic of mankind, is the plurality intrinsic to its humanity. The fundamental right to life, granted by any worldwide legislation, vests by itself the right to the plurality to exist. It follows from this right, that any expression of humanity has the right to exist, as long as it does not interfere with another one. As a result of this phenomenon, people must recognize and accept that there are men who like boys, in the same way that we (pedophiles) recognize and accept that heterosexuals exist (no matter how repugnant that may seem to us!).

For the sake of clarity, let me be punctilious in what the word like in the above expression means. By “like”, what I want to mean is link, that “there are men who are able to establish a connection[3] with a boy”. That connection is generally very complex[4] and pretty much non-understandable, thus, conceptually elusive. But human nature (and of course this connection) does not have the fault of our lack of imagination and of our incapacity of understand and visualize the reality as it is. We can regard this connection as to be composed by an emotional component, a sexual component, a responsible component, etc., but we cannot forget that this is only a mere conceptual simplified model to allow us to shallowly grasp this human expression. We must keep in mind that behind the model, this connection is much more rich in essence and in interrelationships than we can even conceive. That it is one, hence, it must be deemed as a whole.

Now, a conceptual convention: a pedophile is a man that feels this connection with a boy. When this occurs, that person may act in two ways: he may ignore and repress that feeling, keeping himself away from boys[5]. If he considers this feeling as natural (as it really is), it depends on other aspects of his personal nature how he shall act. In the case he decides to interact with a boy: if he prioritizes the interests and the welfare of the boy over the self-ones, he is usually called a boylover. If he prioritizes his own interest over the boy's, his acts commonly conduce him to coerce the boy in some way. In that case, that person is generally considered as a boy molester, a boy offender, a boy abuser, etc, terms that often involves sexual issues in most legislation. Then being a true boylover is not a matter of randomness or probability, but a fact of self-conviction.

But a boy is also a human being, a very peculiar[6] creature, but human at last. So the argument about the plurality given in the sixth and seventh paragraphs of this article, is totally valid by substituting the word “man” or “boylover” by the word “boy”, and making the appropriate changes[7]. This upholds the affirmations I did in the fifth paragraph of this article. This principle guarantees the existence of boys that are open to establish this connection with a man, as well as boys that are not[8]. Boylovers must be aware enough to identify the second ones, in order to let them go (as it should be). Unfortunately, not always those special boys (as I shall call the first ones) and boylovers have the chance to meet each other, and so the connection never occurs. It’s really regrettable that this happens, especially when the society is guilty of such atrocity.

When a special boy and a boylover encounter themselves, the connection manifests itself immediately, and no more than a general feeling of satisfaction and happiness fills them straightway[9]. When this wonderful moment occurs, then nothing should ever interfere with such a relationship in order to keep intact its pure nature[10]. If, and only if such phenomenon happens as described in this paragraph, one says that such is a consensual relationship. As for the controversial issue of sexual relationships, in the connection between themselves, a sexual component must be mutually shared. If so, then the sexual act arises in a spontaneous and natural way, and those are the only consensual sexual relationships that are totally valid. If the connection between boy and boylover is established when some deformation in one (or both) of them is present, such a sexual component exists as stated above, and such deformation doesn’t allow the sexual act to arise spontaneously, then the only acceptable sexual relation shall be the one arisen from its direct request by the boy. That is, only when the boy requests it by itself[11].

[1] All the definitions that shall appear throughout this paper, are based on boyloverism, as I am a boylover and to keep the spirit of this magazine, but the discussion can be straightforwardly extended to the childlove phenomenon in general.
[2] Sadly that happens most often, but I shall examine here the validity limits for such statement.
[3] I rather prefer to use the term connection instead of attraction, because the word attraction carries with a sexual karma imposed by our modern society.
[4] This complexity lies in several facts: the number of parameters that would describe properly this connection is hugely large, some of them remains hidden to us, they are not universal parameters (they depend upon each person), and the interrelationships between them are totally unknown.
[5] This may conduce to frustration, and the consequences can be unpredictable, but such question goes well beyond the scope of this paper.
[6] For us, the most fascinating one ever, and mostly our reason to be.
[7] The reader should reconstruct the argument for a boy, if he considers it to be necessary for his personal purposes.
[8] Although there is no (or at least I can’t descry) argument to know the fraction of boys that belong to each group, the experimental data let us affirm that the probability density is asymmetric, i.e. that from the total of boys, a huge fraction of them actually do care to share a connection with a man.
[9] If the boylover, as stated in above paragraph is fully responsible.
[10] If there are external agents acting upon the system (boy - boylover - interaction between them), then the evolution of the system with time will be dispersive, and so the relationship will degrade until the correlation function between both equals zero eventually.
[11] It’s self-evident from our boylover definition, that in the opposite direction, the statement is not valid. If the request for sex comes from the boylover and not from the boy, then that’s totally unacceptable and repugnant!

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Art, Entertainment & Book Reviews
Title:The 10th Anniversary of Aaron's Party
Author: 420Guy

The 10th Anniversary of Aaron's Party

On September the 26th of the year 2000, Aaron's Party (come Get It) was released in the United States. It had been released in Canada a couple of weeks earlier, and in some Asian countries several months before. The album cover features a preteen Aaron Cater wearing jeans and a jean jacket, with a big American flag behind him. The tracks are a mixture of rap and pop, including cover versions of several songs. To the serious music fan, this album would be classified as 'Bubblegum Pop'; there are no serious songs here, no emotionally driven tracks, no chart-toppers.

So why would such an album be worthy of a second look....ten years later? If you are a boylover, there are a few reasons! Aaron's Party was recorded when Aaron was 12 years old, an age that a majority of boylovers are attracted to. His voice is still high, which can be an annoyance to some listeners, but quite enjoyable to a BL like me. His songs are fun and childish, they can help brighten your day when you're feeling blue.

The track listing varies from version to version, and the album has been re-released & repacked so many times that it's embarrassing. Here is a list of the songs that appear on all versions:
  • Aaron's Party (Come Get It)
  • I Want Candy
  • Bounce
  • My Internet Girl
  • The Clapping Song
  • Iko Iko
  • Real Good Time
  • Tell Me What You Want
  • Girl You Shine

The title track was released as a single, and was officially Aaron's second in America (the first being 'Surfin USA'). The music video accompanied the song well, showing Aaron throwing a party after sending his parents away to the movies. I Want Candy, Bounce, The Clapping Song, and Iko Iko also had accompanying videos, all of which were released as a VHS/DVD, appropriately titled 'Aaron's Party (Come Get It) - The Videos'. Aaron is looking hot in each video, and even hotter in the 'behind the scenes' clips featured between each video.

Other songs that appear on certain versions include: (Have Some) Fun With The Funk, Life Is A Party, Jump Jump, Hang On Sloopy & That's How I Beat Shaq. The latter appeared on the Canadian release and was later issued as a single in the USA. Fun With The Funk was originally released on 'Pokemon (Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture)', and Life Is A Party first appeared on the 'Rugrats In Paris' soundtrack.

Girl You Shine stands out as being the oldest track. Aaron recorded this sometime between 1998 and 1999, while still working with producer/songwriter Gary Carolla. It is a ballad written for a 10 year old, and Aaron did a great job of singing it.

Several 'interludes' appear in between some of the tracks. These feature Aaron fooling around, making prank phone calls, and just generally being a kid.

In the end, the album is all about letting loose and having fun. After all, isn't that what being a 12 year old is supposed to be about?

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Works
Title: Why Do 10-Year-Old Boys Go Shirtless?
Author: SimbaLion

Why do 10-year-old boys go shirtless?

Why do 10-year-old boys
Playing basketball with a friend
At a deserted playground
In the middle of the city,
On a hot summer day,
The humidity would make you sweat
Even if you were doing nothing
But walking down the street --
Go shirtless?

His orange t-shirt is
Beautiful enough,
Clinging to his boyish form
With the wetness of his sweat;
But in removing the shirt
He reveals the golden slimness inside,
Angelic, a tanned athletic frame
Which neither he nor his friend
Make note of.

Only the unintended observer
Walking the city streets in search of
Something cool and refreshing
Seems aware of the moment,
The ordinary miracle
Of a young boy's torso.
Such beautiful moments are painfully brief.
The time passes quickly, but the happy memory
Will remain.

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Write for Us!
If you are interested in writing for MBM or contributing in any other way, please review the Guidelines, Rules & Terms of Service on our website;

You can send your work by email to, or your can post your work
on the blog and/or member forums. Registration is not required for you to contribute to the magazine. MBM is free for all to read and for all to write for.

If you would like to submit images, please send as much information about the photos as possible, including the source link. If you are specifically submitting a cover nomination, please use HQ images at least 1200px wide.


Not sure what to write? Try writing something for one of our new, or lesser-used categories!
  • International Boylove Day - Experiences and observations relating to IBLD
  • Boys and Health
  • Eating With Boys
  • Boy Toys and Technology
  • Boys and Work – for those whose work involves boys, but also for discussion of boys who work
  • Boys and Boylove in History – for discussion of boys and boylove in times before our own
  • International Boylove – boylove outside of the United States, the Commonwealth, and Europe
  • Boy-related Humor
  • Boylover Reflections
  • BL Forum Memories
  • BL Forum Tributes

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12-05-2011, 12:11 PM
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Hello all members!
Hello! Since few weeks I'm proud reader. Today I decided to create account. Hello all members, best regards from UK!
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RE: Issue #9 - September 2010
Hi Jeromytenak! hi
I'm sure glad to see a new guy around MBM!Smile Welcome, I hope that you enjoy yourself here.
But a word of advice, my new friend - new guys usually announce themselves in "The Entry" - if you make yourself known over there, you will get a much warmer welcome. After that, feel free to drop in at "420 Guy's Coffee and Donuts" - tell them ddavey sent youWink

Have fun buddy!


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