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Issue #9 - September 2010
09-09-2010, 12:14 PM (This post was last modified: 09-03-2013 05:13 AM by mbm.)
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Star Issue #9 - September 2010
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-Table of Contents-

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09-09-2010, 12:15 PM (This post was last modified: 09-18-2010 08:39 PM by 420Guy.)
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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Letter From the Editor

Welcome to the ninth issue of Modern Boylover Magazine! As always, the magazine has been a community effort, but even more so with this issue. We bring together works submitted through our website, and by members of various BL forums.

My first exposure to MBM was the release of issue #3. As soon as I found out about it, I knew that I wanted to help out. Unfortunately I was too late for that issue, but I started contributing in the next one.

It can often be hard to decide what to write for the magazine. The best thing to do, is to use past issues as an example. We accept all kinds of writings, from boylovers with all kinds of points of view. You can share how you felt when you first started having BL feelings, share a boy moment, a review of your favorite movie, or even a poem or story that you are proud of.

Issue 8 was a difficult project, personally. It began when was still online, but it became a tribute to its memory. It was a time of uncertainty as far as future issues were concerned. Throughout organizing it and even after its release, I often felt like it might be better to just call it quits. We decided that we had to at least try to keep things rolling, and I'm glad that we did!

Issue 9 is a fresh start....and an example of what the BL community can accomplish when we work together. I would like to thank the Administrators of, & for supporting the magazine in our time of need. Thanks also to the Forum Reps for all they've done, we simply could not have done it without you! To all the staff at'm honored to work with such a great group of guys. Smile

Most importantly, thank you to the authors who took the time to submit their work. The only way this magazine has continued and can continue, is by the work that they do! Their hard work and dedication can be seen in the pages that follow....

-420Guy (Chief Editor/Organizer)

* * * * * * *
This issue is dedicated to the Authors: past, present and future. Smile
* * * * * * *

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09-09-2010, 12:15 PM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2010 04:58 AM by 420Guy.)
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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Work
Title: A boy is...
Contributed by: AlphaBoy (unknown author)

A boy is...

A boy is one of the most beautiful things you can have, and one of the better things you can be.
A boy is a living treasure, and if you have one of those, you own one of the most valuable gifts of life.
A boy is the one that will always be at your side, whenever you smile and with each one of your tears.
A boy is somebody on which you can always depend; that wonderful little person that always trusts you in such a way that nobody seems to do.
A boy is a refuge.
A boy is a smile…
A boy is that small hand that always takes yours, no matter where you are, no matter how close or far you are.
A boy is the one that will always be there where you need him, and he will always, always, love you.
A boy is a feeling that you keep deep into your heart forever.
A boy is the door that always remains open.
A boy is the one to which you can trust the key of your life.
A boy is one of the most beautiful things you can have, and one of the better things you can be.


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09-09-2010, 12:15 PM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2010 04:58 AM by 420Guy.)
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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Features and Profiles
Title: An Interview with Tabris.
Author: 420Guy

An Interview with Tabris.

This interview with Tabris took place in August & September of 2010. Tabris has been a member of the BL community for several years and joined the staff of in 2009. He spent time moderating various rooms and was the Member Support Administrator when the board was shut down. He continues to provide support & fellowship through a new site,, which he is owner and managing director of.

420Guy: How long have you been involved in the boylove community? What was the first site that you registered on and what led to you joining?

Tabris: The first site I registered on was BLISS. That was a long time ago and I wouldn’t say I was active in the BL community at that time, I was more of a lurker than anything else. That was probably because I was pretty young when I was first looking at the community and experiencing the forums; I didn’t feel like it was a community for me when I was that age.

420Guy: Were you open about your age on Bliss? Did you perhaps feel like you were the only member in your age group?

Tabris: To be honest, I never posted much and I wasn’t really that active in the community. It was more of a curiosity for me back then as I was busy with friends and girls and all that lovely boy stuff.

I’ve often thought that most of the people on those old boards who said they were boys really weren’t, and I stand by that today. I’m still one of the few people in the community who can honestly say they’ve never been fooled by a poser, so I think I have pretty good judgment.

420Guy: When did you start to become active in the community, and what sort of staff positions have you held?

Tabris: The first board I really took seriously was, and even then I only began to take part in the community in 2008. By the beginning of 2009 I had asked to help out the board by being a moderator and I was originally hired as a Mod in the Porch and Paperboy. From there I was transferred to the Gallery, which was a challenging room, perhaps the one that took the most work, as no matter what there was always something to moderate.

In May/June of 2009 I was interested in helping out as part of the administration team, so I asked some good friends who were part of the admin team at the time whether I could get an interview for a Member Support Admin position. I was interviewed along side a few others and was shortly after hired as MSA.

420Guy: Boylovers have many stressful issues to deal with in their lives, not the least of which our sexual attraction itself. Do you have any advice for readers about how to deal with some of this stress?

Tabris: Wow, that’s a hard question to answer. For me, the easiest way I’ve dealt with feelings of anxiety and loneliness, when it comes to the attraction itself, has been just remembering that there’s a whole community out there that knows exactly what you're going through. None of us are alone and it’s thanks to boards like Young City and the like that can bring us together and make us feel a little more normal. Being a BL isn’t something that goes away, but it’s not a part of yourself that you have to hate either.

Working in member support on gave me a lot of insight into how some BLs dealt with, or weren’t dealing with, those feelings of self-hatred.

* * * * * * *

420Guy: Have you had any negative experiences while on staff, or on the boards in general?

Tabris: The first thing that comes to mind is the drama of being on staff at However, I did sign a confidentiality agreement that said I’d not discuss those things then or in the future, so I intend to honour that. Rest assured that there could be a lot of drama.

420Guy: Is there a particular staff position and/or experience that you enjoyed more than others?

Tabris: There are two positions actually.

The first is my Member Support Administrator at, which was my first real opportunity to give something significant back to the community as well as to try and improve it for the better. I liked this position because I felt like I was really helping people on the board. Not only members but other staff members as well, by helping with basically every issue on the board. I really felt like a big part of something.

The second is obviously, my position as owner/operator of Young City. It’s really for the same reasons as the above position. The fact that I’m giving something substantial back to the community and I feel like I’m providing a niche that appeals to a certain kind of person, a niche that’s never been provided for before.

420Guy: After was shut down, you were one of the first former members to bounce back with a new forum. What made you decide to do so?

Tabris: Because someone had to.

When went down, within two days I’d set up a free board for people to stay up to date and in touch, and I was already formulating Young City with others. The process to creating YC was pretty long. I put in a lot of hours finding a host, a capable coder, purchasing domain names, working out hosting payment and various other little things, but all in all for a board created from scratch, YC was launched really quickly.

The main reason YC went up so quickly was because the community could not be left to die out. Lostboy and did something great for this community, and I wasn’t going to let everything he did end because wasn’t around anymore.

420Guy: Would you consider yourself to be an activist?

Tabris: I’ve never considered myself an activist, no. I prefer to think of myself as less of an activist actively fighting for CLs and their rights, and more like a community builder who seeks to bring the online Child Love community together in a safe and legal environment, where they can express their thought without fear of social reticule.

420Guy: YoungCity is a childlove forum, as opposed to being a site strictly for boylovers. Was this planned from the start? Is there a particular reason the site is open to both BLs and GLs?

Tabris: The idea from the start was to cater to both BLs and GLs on YC. When I founded the board with Zoso late in 2009, we originally wanted to create an eclectic and safe board that would provide all CLs with a place to come and hang out.

I must admit, my original aspiration was to have a girlover formulating the board with us, but that’s something that never ended up happening. I’m currently in the works of making YC more GL friendly.

420Guy: Images are something that almost every boylover enjoys, but they won't find a Gallery at YoungCity. Is there a reason for not having one?

Tabris: Having a gallery on YC has been a controversial issue even before its launch. Going into this, both my partner and I decided from day one that we would not have a gallery, and that YC never would.

The reason for this is mainly that we felt the addition of a gallery is what raises a board of this nature into higher priorities in the eyes of those who would seek to shut it down. Without a gallery, the focus is put more heavily on user interaction, community and fellowship.

420Guy: What have been the most difficult challenges about owning and operating

Tabris: You want the honest answer? The hardest part about owning and operating YC is getting the money together every month to pay for the hosting. As far as hosting goes, the thing I have worked out is pretty cheap and definitely manageable, but it’s the hardest part. For the most part, it’s a very rewarding position.

420Guy: Have you thought about ways of raising money? Is there a way for members to donate, or could there be donation drives in the future?

Tabris: I don’t want to talk too much about the idea of raising money, but I do plan to start optional donations for YC in the near future. I don’t want anybody to feel pressured though.

* * * * * * *

420Guy: The general perception of boylovers is that we all want to lower the age of consent laws, simply so we can have sex with children. Do you think this sums up the community fairly?

Tabris: That’s a deep question. I think, in general, that any BL who wants the AoC laws changed has got to have an ulterior motive other than fairness, because as boylovers there is a sexual attraction and that is undeniable. This means that wanting the Age of Consent to be lowered would make it much easier for BLs to engage in sex with kids.

The question is though, if the AoC was lowered to, for instance, thirteen in every country, but if you were under sixteen there was a minimum 4-year age difference, would you still be happy with that? If the answer is yes, your intentions are noble; if it’s no, then you’re a perv.

420Guy: What were you like as a boy?

Tabris: I was a rebel. I never did what I was told, I talked back to teachers, I was pretty mean to other kids, I was popular and kind of a mean boy. Both me and my friends were a very elitist circle, but we were all popular with most of the people in school. I’ve since matured beyond making myself feel better by teasing others, thankfully.

420Guy: Cut or uncut?

Tabris: Uncut! Always!

420Guy: Do you have an attraction to girls, or adults for that matter?

Tabris: No. Only boys.

420Guy: Let's talk about boys then! Describe for us your dream boy; what would he look like, what kind of personality would he have?

Tabris: Blond, that’s a must. He’d be 12 or 13, but short for his age, the kind of boy who’d have lots of female friends because he’s cute. He’d have long hair and he’d be a skater, a ripped jeans and vintage print t-shirts kind of dresser. As for personality, he’d be a bad boy, he’d be a rebel and he wouldn’t submit to requests or orders very easily. I’d like him to be strong-willed but also with a sense of moral fiber, he’d have to stand up for himself but also know when he was wrong and know the difference between something being right to stand up for or not. Also he’d have green eyes, bright sea-foam green eyes.

I want one. :\

420Guy: Is there anything about you that the members of your forum might not know?

Tabris: I’m addicted to skittles, vanilla coke and chocolate milkshakes.

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09-09-2010, 12:15 PM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2010 04:59 AM by 420Guy.)
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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Adults and Boys Together
Title: How a Boylover Helped Change the Life of a Homeless Youth
Name: Archangel (aka Netzoomer)

How a Boylover Helped Change the Life of a Homeless Youth
By Archangel

Have you ever been to a homeless shelter? I did, as a volunteer to help serve meals. It was my first experience helping homeless people face to face. I had preconceived notions of the demographics and I wasn’t disappointed, except when I noticed this young boy's face in the food line. I expected that he was with one of his parents. But I was wrong. He was all alone.

I couldn't take my eyes off him and had to be careful that I didn't make it too obvious.

Later I noticed him sitting on his cot reading a thick book. That did it for me. I had to chat with him. After building up some courage, I navigated myself between the closely spaced cots and stopped in front of him. His eyes were on the book, so I got his attention by smiling and saying, "Hi!" loud enough. He looked up, smiled back and said, "Hi!" too. I first asked if it was ok for me to chat. He was happy that I did. So I asked him what he was reading. Nobody else was reading a book. I do not remember its title, but talking about it helped break the ice.

Kevin was his name and he was eighteen. He had exotic features that I found out was a combination of his Japanese father and white mother. It was only last year that he graduated from high school. He wasn't able to afford college and did a bit of telemarketing to earn some money. He was laid off when he failed to meet the sales quotas. This experience piqued my interest because I could use some help making phone calls to my prospect. I needed to boost my appointments for my sales and consulting business. I had to leave because it was almost lights out for the guests crowded in that hall. I had asked Kevin to meet me at a subway for lunch in a couple of days. I wanted to get to know him a bit more, especially to learn how he became homeless. Kevin was in upper range of my age of attraction, but he looked sufficiently cute to get my attention.

Before I go further, let me introduce myself. I am an adult boylover who discovered this love in my late teens. I have mentored many young boys as young as ten and as old as 18. I also love girls, got married and had a son. I also want to make a comment about the general perception of a typical boylover. We are referred to as pedophiles, which is correct. But the term pedophile is erroneously defined as people who are not only attracted to children but also molest them. I want to use my story to show that this is truly wrong. We love boys so much that we will do nothing to harm them.

Kevin's story was heart wrenching. His father left the family when he was very little and his mother brought him up. Life was great until his younger brother and sister were born. His mother, a nurse, now had to work two jobs to make ends meet. Her debts accumulated to the point they were like a millstone around her neck. The task of looking after his siblings fell to Kevin. This was an awesome responsibility for him. From the time he was ten till a tragedy occurred that separated the family when he was sixteen, he had to be a surrogate mother and father to these kids. I could tell that resentment had built up over the years because Kevin felt he was deprived being a normal teen doing things that teens do. Even his schoolwork suffered. Although his interaction with his father was minimal, this had serious ramifications for him.

Being the first-born male to a Japanese father was quite a burden. His dad, an accomplished academic, expected Kevin to have a very high intellect too. Well, Kevin never could meet his dad's and grandparent’s high expectations and was ridiculed many times for not doing so. He was told that one day he would end up being homeless and not to go to his mother’s family for help as they hated his father and by implication the children.

Everything came to a head when Kevin's mother could not take the pressure anymore and committed suicide. It was a very traumatic moment for his family. A family friend cared for Kevin's brother and sister, and Kevin moved in with his fraternal grandparents who lived 50 miles away. He attended high school and graduated with a 3.6 GPA. This was still not good enough for his father. When Kevin got the telemarketers job he moved away from his grandparent's home and found a cheap room to stay in.

When he lost that job, he decided not to return to his grandparent's home, nor contact his mother's family because his father convinced him they would not help. Kevin decided to go homeless. However, he had applied for a Job Corps position to learn a trade and perhaps go to college while there as well as in the armed forces.

It was not possible for Kevin to get a bed in the shelter every evening. There were times he had to sleep under freeway bridges and in sheltered doorways in the city. I got him a prepaid cell phone to better keep in contact with him as well as to help the Job Corps and the Armed Services to contact him. We gave Kevin food and other essentials as well as some money to help him out. One day he told us that while he was sleeping rats had eaten the food we had given him.

About this time I told his tale to members of the BL boards as well as started a blog on Kevin. I was astounded by the flack I got from some members who chided me for not taking Kevin into our home. I talked to my wife about his plight and she suggested that he could stay with us for a short while and help us to get a room ready for visiting family members. She was on his case to call the Job Corps organization as well as the Armed Forces to check his status. She is a strong believer that the squeaky wheel gets the most attention.

While Kevin stayed in our home he became my soul mate much to the chagrin of my wife. After a few months had gone by, my wife was beginning to feel that Kevin was going to be with us forever. This did not help the situation between my wife and me.

Fortunately Kevin finally heard from the Job Corps that he had got a position. After he left, our home situation improved dramatically. When Kevin had to return for a break, my wife said he had to make contact with his mother's family to find out why they didn't want to help him out. When Kevin had no other choice but to do that, he was amazed that they were always willing to help him but thought he didn't need their help. He finally found out the sordid truth about his father.

When his mother died, he made excuses not to take Kevin to her funeral saying that they would not be welcome. This reinforced Kevin’s belief that they disliked him even more. What he found out was it was his father who didn't get along well with them and they had no issue with Kevin or his siblings. They told him that he always had a home with them. And at Christmas, they would reunite him with his siblings.

What a wonderful ending to Kevin's plight.

I have to admit that I so much wanted to have an intimate relationship with Kevin. I even took him to a convention with me and we had our own room. But that was not to be. I knew in my heart that whatever I did to help Kevin was done unconditionally. And if he happened to feel like he wanted some tenderness, I would be happy to give it. During my many chats with Kevin I discovered although he was straight, he had no interest in developing any sexual attachments. I respected his wishes. But, Kevin had a very open mind and we discussed the issue of Boylove in great detail. I even introduced him to several of my Boylover friends online with whom he chatted with. However, he got on better with girls compared to guys on a platonic level, but that is as far as it went.

As for me, he was and is forever grateful for the generous help my wife and I was able to give him. I wish Kevin well and I now have a friend for life.

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Works
Title: O Bowling Boy
Author: Clouds

O Bowling Boy

I step into the hall and see you there,
With bowling shoes and sweaty hair.
You roll the ball, you never miss,
Knock all the pins down, your game's bliss.

Your friend then tries, he misses most,
You should be proud, you never lost.
Why do you sit with a face so sad?
Wish I could hug you, make you my lad.

At one point you get way too hot,
You strip to your tee and take your next shot.
You're still as serious and anxious as before,
With only a shirt on, you're desperate to score.

In this moment I do praise your skin,
Your eyes, your nose, your hair, and chin,
Your small cute hands holding the ball,
And your feet running for the final call.

Now you won, you're leaving, but not happy,
And I watch you go, with feelings scrappy.
I hope to see you again, dear friend,
You'll be my champion forever till the end.

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Work
Title: Inside my Heart
Author: Boi Helper

I wrote this years ago and posted it on, probably back in 2001. Anyway, I am not a poet, so please be kind.

I can still smell your boyishness in the air,
I can still feel my fingers running through you golden blond hair,
I can still see the bounce in your walk,
I can even see the smile on your face every time we talked.
Every time I think of you, I want to break down and cry.
Hey, do you remember when that firework hit you in the eye?
Oh how you cried as I held you tight and wiped every tear from your beautiful face.
Then the day came when you had to go and move to a different place,
I held you tightly and kissed you, and you walked away.
God I prayed that you could stay, just to see you one last day.
As you left I broke down and cried, that day I wish I could die.
Now you're gone and we are apart, forever you will be inside my heart.

I love you forever and always CJP!! with me from 1988 to 1995

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Features and Profiles
Title: ChildLove in 2020
Author: Pyro

In the past three decades have we have witnessed things go from bad to worse for ChildLovers, with the advent of sex offender laws and changes which enable the government to pry even further into our private lives. We now find ourselves in a position where, realistically speaking, we're probably the most hated section of society.

I want you to consider for a moment just how bad things are for us… we find ourselves in physical danger just to be identified as someone who is attracted to minors; we have to hide who we are. We’d never even dare to talk openly about society accepting consensual relationships between adults and minors, out fear we may be suspected. Now, imagine how much worse it will be another ten years from now?

Worse, because that’s the only direction things currently are going for us. The torrent of lies and a hatred for us all grows more intense by the day, sweeping away more and more of our brothers and sisters. What’s shocking about this is that it all goes completely unopposed; of course none of us can publicly speak out (that would be suicide), but there’s no kind of resistance at all in any form. Which leads me to my question: What can we possibly be doing to stem the tide?

We need to come up with new creative solutions to our current problem before things get so far out of hand that we’re not able ever to recoup the situation. We need to come up with new ways of getting our message out to non-minor attracted people and make some effort to help them understand that we’re not monsters; instead we're people like them who have feelings just like they do. They need to understand that although some minor attracted people have done despicable things to children, they’re not any more representative of us than adult murderers and rapists are of them.

For the past several years places like the Newgon forums have been an arena for discussion and new ideas of how we can make good of the situation, but we need more of this type of discussion to take place in other groups, we need to experiment with new ideas and share new ways to get our message out to society before it’s too late.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could imagine a future ten years from now, where our situation had greatly improved? What are we going to do to get there? I don’t have the answer to thisquestion; this is something that all of us are going to need to work together to answer.

Related links:

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Youth Boylover Reflections
Title: An Interview with BM's davidnl
Contributed by: kp_dan

An Interview with BM's davidnl

This interview was conducted by's Forum Representative kp_dan in August 2010 with youth member davidnl.

Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Well, I'm David. 17, Dutch and I'm currently studying to become a primary school teacher.

I've got a nice girlfriend, 2 YF's and lots of boys that I sometimes hang around with.

Why don't you tell us a little about your YF's?
One is in my siggy pic (on BM), and the boy I love the most, he's 11 years old now. The other is mainly online but doesn't live too far away so I've met him as well, he's the oldest at 13 years old. There is also a third boy that is getting close to becoming a real YF and he is very hot too, he is the youngest at 8 years of age.

When did you first join a BL forum and what was your main motivation behind joining?
I do remember a little about when I joined my first forum. I was 15, and had just accepted my boylove nature. But while googling the net for the word paedo, I came across a forum entry by someone who had bravely posted the essence of boylove on a common forum. I found that I could identify myself with what he described (mentor feelings and stuff) way more than with the common image of a paedo/child rapist. What got too me was that instead of using the word paedo, he used the word boylover. So I googled "boylover" and all that Google did was put ".net" behind it, and so I registered.

So you were at BLnet for a couple of years. How active were you on there, and what were your fondest memories of your time with BLnet?
Yeah I was there for like one and a half years, I think. However I wasn't an exceptional poster.

I think that the most treasured memories haven't stopped unfurling yet. For me the best thing about BLN was my friendship with Spiderweb, who has recently rejoined the Boylover world by joining this board (BM). However, my friendship remains, and so it can't really be called a memory.

What were your thoughts about boylove at that time?
It kind of depends on what moment, up until I read the topic on boylove by a guy I've never known, I had the general image of paedo's. They were bad, and all they wanted was sex with minors. But after reading that topic I changed and looked at boylove in a much more positive way.

Were you open about your age at that time, or did you keep it a secret?
I never really hid my age for anyone. I got PM's from people recommending to do so, however I thought I would know when someone was hitting on me, and thought that I could just tell them not to. I've never needed to however. I never really got the feeling that someone wanted more than a talk.

How difficult has it been to find a forum that is big enough that also caters to your needs as a Dutch member since the closure of BLnet?
For me it's been quite easy actually. As I said above, my first board was BLN, which had a Dutch room. I never knew that there were boards without them. While still at BLN I made an account for BM, but I didn't really spend time here; only after BLN collapsed, I remembered this place and came here. And we've got one here as well.

With you still being a minor on a board that is mostly for older guys, does that ever make you feel out of place or is it even noticeable?
No, actually. I look at most of the older persons (on BM) as a kind of faraway AF.

Because I'm still young, no one is ever too busy to help me out. And we actually have quite a lot of young (-20 years old) boylovers around, my friend Spiderweb included. So I'm really not alone. In fact, it is a big common factor that makes me have a lot of contact with other young boylovers from around the world.

Has BM (or any board) helped you in any way with your BL feelings at the time you were on them? And in what ways?
I think that reading topics on BLN and BM really helped me see that boylovers aren't monsters or holding a bag of sweets while trying to lure kids into bushes, or back ally's, or something like that.

And secondly it was a good place to vent some of that stress that comes with leading 3 lives at once.

One at my father's home, one at my mum's, and one here.

When did you first realize that you were attracted to boys? What were your thoughts and feelings at that time?
I think it was around 11 or 12. I had realized that I liked boys way more than girls. I started to realize that the boys I liked were always around the same age, which was 3 years my minor. The first three years of high school I tried to convince myself that I was gay, instead of paedo. But it came through eventually.

What is The Netherlands like compared to America and the UK in relation to boylove? Do you think they are more tolerant towards paedophiles in your country?
I'm not sure. It's slightly less paranoid than the UK, but even here you'll get weird looks when you look at a boy too explicitly. I've never been to America, but I suppose it might be alike in behavior.

Do you think the feelings of a LBL are different than those of a TeenLover? Do you think people (even within our own community) frown more upon LBL than TeenLovers?
I don't think so. I've noticed in my own life that the more I grow mentally and physically, the older the high end of my Age of Attraction grows. If you would have asked me 2 years ago when I was 15, whether I ever would have boylove feelings for a boy of 14, I would have said that to be ridiculous. My AoA stopped at 12, period. However, as I grow that line has begun lifting slowly. Odd as I would have found it 2 years ago, I now have a mainly online relationship with a boy that turned 13 this summer. And I still find him appealing both in body, and in his character.

Having read this I do not make a difference in LBL's and TBL's apart for a liking. Just like a fetish. I love armpits and absolutely melt over nipples. It's weird but it doesn't change my place on this board.

However I do feel that, especially to the poorly informed outside world, it does make a difference. If you like a 15 year old boy, people will think "It's up to the boy". Yet if you like an 8 year old boy, people think "That boy can't think yet, you perverted bastard!".

Would you consider yourself to be a boylove activist? Do you feel it is important for us as boylovers to voice our opinions to the world?
No, I do not consider myself an activist. I do think it's important for boylovers to voice their opinions, however I'm way too much of a scardy-cat to do it myself. I'll probably wait 'till the world is a little more accepting towards us before I make my move.

Do you think boylovers will ever become accepted members of society? What sort of things do you think would need to be done to accomplish this?
I don't know but I certainly hope so. If you look at gay people, they're a little more accepted now. So maybe in time we'll get recognition as an orientation instead of an illness. I think there will have to be a change in the public opinion for that. Maybe someone important to come out as paedo, Obama or such a big name. Maybe if someone so important would be supporting boylovers, then the mainstream of the World might follow his lead. But we can only hope for something like that to happen.

So you feel that paedophilia is a sexuality much like homosexuality is? And therefore you can't choose it, but you can choose for it not to be a part of your life.
Yes I do. I don't think that people who think of boys in a sexual way are sick or something.

That is just the way they are. Maybe some of it is because of circumstances in one's youth. However, I do believe that all sexualities are born that way. I think that a baby is neither straight nor gay nor pedo. But impressions mark him, so he'll feel an attraction to that sex or age.

In closing, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of MBM as a final word from davidnl?
Yes, there are some things that came to me during this interview. First off, I'm getting even madder at Microsoft, because Word 2010 still does not know the word boylover!!!

Secondly, I certainly do not hope this will be the final word of Davidnl. I hope to reach at least 85 years old.

Thirdly, I've noticed that I use the word actually way too much.

And last...

See Ya Around!


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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Art, Entertainment & Book Reviews
Title: Reflections on Where the Wild Things Are
Author: Wild Max

Reflections on Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are (WTWTA) invokes in boylovers an imagery of boyhood uncommon in mainstream films. Max is not simply a boy on screen; he is your boy, and you are joining him on his adventure. Your body slants and quivers as Max dodges through the forest, you shed a tear as if you lost an igloo of your own, and you sleep nightly together in a real pile. You’re Carol, you’re KW, you’re Alexander. And by the end of the movie, you are Max himself.

This transformation does not come easy, however. Max, like most boys, presents a complex psyche that one must dissect through his actions in this third-person-objective film. As Max navigates a slew of emotions within the first ten minutes, the viewer must shake off the dizziness after tumbling down stairs in the opening credits. It would be easy to deem Max as an overactive boy, or a sad boy, or an angry boy, but director Spike Jonze and writer Dave Eggers step above such one-word clichés. Max isn’t a prototype, he’s a living, breathing boy, three-dimensional in his growth throughout the film.

Costuming is a major aspect of any film, but for WTWTA, Max’s wolf suit becomes a staple of his wild persona. Max doesn’t simply have a wild side, but rather one surrounds him, and he realizes at nine years old that this serves as his interface with the wild world in which he lives. One aspect that Dave Eggers mentioned in The Wild Things, his novelization of the movie, that didn’t make it into the film, was the grime and muck that builds on Max’s wolf suit during his time with the wild things. It is by no mistake that this darkening of Max’s wolf suit as he’s pelted with dirt clods coincides with the mental fog clouding Max’s ideal world. As the layers of filth surround Max, his wolf suit in a way protects his innocence like an impermeable membrane. WTWTA can simply be described as examining the boundary between these two strata – Max’s pure bare skin and the fabric stitched around him.

“To Max, Owner of This World,” reads a plaque on the globe beside Max’s bed, and this inscription summarizes Max’s tight grasp of his own fate. In Max’s world he sets the rules, and by the end of the film he realizes not everyone will follow them. Through his interactions with the wild things, Max matures his views on making a difference. While he engraves “MAX” onto the sailboat carrying him to the island, he leaves a much different mark on his departure by voicing his love for another being. The message he conferred is intended for Carol, but his farewell heart can equally apply to all of the wild things, to all the lives that Max has touched, and to Max’s own wild world. No matter the recipient, the meaning remains the same: Don’t go. I’ll eat you up I love you so.

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Work
Title: Sweet and Painful Voices...
Contributed by: AlphaBoy

Boylovers, like everyone else, are human beings, and therefore, we are subject to the complete range of human experiences as everybody does. We usually tend to extoll the several positive aspects of our attraction to boys, but we rarely talk about the negative facet intrinsic in our nature. Being a boylover entails deceptions, disgusts, depressions, treasons, etc, as that is part of the essence of the human relationships.

This piece of work emerged from that side of my boylover nature. A very harmful experience with a boy inspired it. I hope you can both understand and enjoy it.

Sweet and painful voices...

I am right here, alone, in this cold and lugubrious chamber, not of mine... I am almost freezing, but I am sure that out there, there are more lucky people feeling themselves warmer than me...

It's midnight, the moon is low in the sky and moonlight is so tenuous that I can hardly distinguish the window's silhouette, but the wind blows untimely through those old, noisy and dusty blinds...

I didn't deserved a soul, I only possesses this putrid flesh in which I am incarcerated while being a mortal. Nothing is fine, I am hungry but no food can satisfy the deep vacuum inside me... I was meant to be an unfeeling being, but I can feel... I indeed feel hate for those who condemned me, as well as for anybody interfering with me...

The darkness of the night is overwhelmed only by the darkness of my whole being, and I am still in this dirty and ruinous chamber, not of mine.

Suddenly, while feeling my misery and smallness, I heard a noise coming from the outside. At first, it disturbed me so much and I didn't understood it. I ignored it, but it was unceasingly there.

I walked slowly toward my chamber window, through that creaky wooden floor, but I only saw the same street, slightly lightened by that weak and dejecting light, and nothing more.

I walked desperately around the chamber, but the noise was still there, perturbing my wretched night. Again I stood in the window, and I only saw a dark gray owl staring at me, but being really quiet, and nothing more.

Then I suddenly identified the noise: it was the echo of some really distant voices coming from nowhere apparently... They are children voices, maybe from two or three boys, and they are laughing too much...

Why are they having so much fun? I don't get it! I wanna hate them, but I can't and I doesn't really understand why... I remain listening to those boyish voices, and then I yelled so hard "where are you, little boys?!", and nothing happened.

I yelled to the world: Why are you humiliating me so much? Why do you show me the love that those boys are sharing, and don't allow me to participate of their happiness?? Why I am still here, so lonely and hopeless, waiting degradingly the end of time, which seems to be eternal for me???, and no response I received…

I grabbed my misery, turned around and walked out to the darkest corner of this revolting chamber, not of mine, while hearing those sweet and painful voices....

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Features and Profiles
Title: George Rekers and the Feminine Boy Project
Author: SimbaLion

George Rekers and the Feminine Boy Project

This past April, a Baptist minister and psychologist known for his leading role in American anti-gay politics, was caught returning from a trip abroad in the company of a male prostitute. George Rekers was a founding member of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group very active in American evangelical politics, and was affiliated with a number of anti-gay groups, including NARTH, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. NARTH is one of several groups associated with the "ex-gay" movement, which promotes gay-to-straight therapy based on the belief that homosexuality is an affliction which can be cured with the right treatment.

Given his anti-gay and ex-gay affiliation, it was surprising when Rekers was caught in the company of a gay escort nicknamed "Lucien". Or maybe not that surprising at all. Over the past few years, a number of conservative religious and political figures associated with the "family values" political agenda, have been caught in embarrassing sexual scandals which consequently make them look like hypocrites. When a reporter confronted him upon his return from his European vacation, Rekers, who was 61, claimed that he had hired the 20-year-old Lucien to help him "lift his luggage" during the trip. Rekers hired Lucien through the website

From the perspective of those attracted to boys, what makes the Rekers story disturbing is his earlier association with a group determined to cure boys of their effeminacy. As part of a 4-year program funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and housed at UCLA, Rekers was one of two people who headed a "gender identity clinic" known as the "Feminine Boy Project", which aimed to correct "gender identity problems" in young boys.

The aims of the program were summarized in a newspaper article from 1976. "The boys are of elementary school age. All have been specially selected for the experimental study by psychiatrists who think they've detected signs of 'effeminacy'. The aim is to stop little Johnny from turning into a homosexual, a transvestite, or a trans-sexual. To ensure that boys will be boys." Interviewed for the article, Rekers said the clinic was "working to save these youngsters from future unhappiness," but also noted his belief that homosexuality "is contrary to God's law."

Descriptions of the treatment the boys received are startling and sad. "Kraig, aged four, underwent ten months of behavior modification which included spankings for wrong choices. He was, as the start, passive, non-assertive, allowed others to tease him. Now, he 'regularly returns aggressiveness in his male-peer interaction'. In fact, the researchers write, Kraig's mommy was alarmed at her son's transformation into a 'roughneck' - so reckless in play that he was hurting himself and damaging the furniture. The psychiatrists reassured the mother that her son's 'mildly delinquent' behavior would be far easier to overcome in later years than effeminacy." An 8-year-old boy named Carl was "conditioned" to similar effect: "he now 'fantasizes himself as a professional football player' and tells people that he 'used to be a queer but not any more'".

Additional information about the project was presented in Phyllis Burke's 1996 book Gender Shock, which was the subject of a 2001 article in Brain, Child Magazine. Burke uncovered additional details about Kraig's therapy which are more disturbing than those previously known. Kraig's mother was asked to participate in his therapy by ignoring him when he did something deemed effeminate. "She was told to completely ignore him, because he was engaged in feminine play. Kraig would have no understanding of what was happening to his mother. On one such occasion, his distress was such that he began to scream, but his mother just looked away. His anxiety increased, and he did whatever he could to get her to respond to him, but she just looked away."

The therapy continued at home, where he was put on a "token system". "Inappropriate, feminine behaviors earned him a red token, masculine ones, a blue token. Each red token earned him a spanking from his father. After more than two years of treatment, Kraig's behavior had turned around". It was at this point that he began to become a "roughneck". However, when he was 18, "Kraig attempted suicide, because he thought that he might be gay."

As part of his anti-gay agenda, Rekers offered himself as an expert witness in cases challenging adoption of children by gay parents. Rekers adopted a son of his own when the boy was 16. His adopted son is now the same as Lucien, the escort he hired from

If he were never caught in the company of a male prostitute, Rekers would likely still be seen by many as an upstanding member of society. Even after the scandal, there are many who would agree with the aims of the Feminine Boy Project. To them, the treatment he inflicted on boys had a good goal - curing boys of possible future homosexuality - and certainly this treatment is a far cry from the feelings of those who are attracted to boys from a distance. It's a sad statement of the times that those who feel affection for boys and never act on it, are considered by most people more harmful to boys than a man like George Rekers.

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Work
Title: -none-
Author: Anonymous

Just be beautiful,
with the faces of love.
Just be beautiful,
Life is great,
Life is shining.
Life is so beautiful,
Life is a gift.


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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Creative Work
Title: Too Late He Realizes
Author: Maxim

Too Late He Realizes

Today I saw a little worm,
wriggling on his belly,
perhaps he'd like to come inside,
and see whats on he telly.

Today my little worm grew tall,
I swear he'll reach the sky,
he runs, he jumps, he spins around,
So proud, I think I'll die.

He's become a vicious spitting snake,
No longer now a worm,
why did he have to turn on me?
an make me weep and squirm.

And now again the worm has turned,
he's sad he double crossed,
too late he realizes,
all the he has lost.

No satisfaction in his shame,
no glee when I see him suffer,
for all that's gone, that was and is,
"my love", is all I utter.

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RE: Layout Thread - WIP
Category: Editorial Essays
Title: Getting the Message Across
Author: Crake

Getting the Message Across

All I know is that I’m no good at communicating. People tell me they don’t understand me pretty much every time I start a debate topic. Here I am in my own world, pondering the primitive roots of pederasty, the existential nature of the Childlove, framing the Childlover’s perspective in this rich, almost Biblical narrative, and people respond with questions like, “Wait a minute, what’s this about children being like garden vegetables now?” Such a response hits me like bullet off the cloud perch.

Even though I can’t express myself, I still do it, because I’m an emotional young man with a lot on my mind, and bottling up thoughts is like the worst kind of abstinence. So I find myself trying to write something for this issue of MBM, and as usual, nothing is working. First, I coin my trademark, “[Childlove is] a break from the world of the material and the possessive, and a repatriation into the world of charity, love, and humility,” and of course, nobody really gets what I’m harping on about. This will obviously have to be translated if it’s going to reach the back rows.

My first instinct though is to make it “idiot proof,” so that nobody beyond a 4th grade education could get lost. This translation might read something like: “Childlove is when you don’t really like to just spend your time on making yourself happy and buying stuff, but instead like to give of your time for a kid and not be self-centered,” but something’s lost in the translation. Just making the same sentence using 4th grade words isn’t going to cut it, because words have different meanings and sometimes it’s not so much what terms you use, but how you use them. I didn't originally want to make it seem like Childlove has nothing to do with desire or passion.

So now I’m in a bind. How do I really communicate what I believe Childlove is all about and actually get people to understand what I’m saying, without oversimplifying? Rephrasing it with some more careful word usage should get the message across…but wait, what am I really saying here? That Childlove is about putting the child first and your own needs second? That by humbling ourselves we’re exalting the child? What if the child doesn’t need to be ‘exalted'? What if what I’m really trying to do is convince society that there’s more value in seeing the child as a human being than as that object on the pedestal?

The funny thing is, the statement seemed to make so much more sense when I first said it. It was only after I started tinkering with it that all the inevitable problems began to crop up. Is there really no way to formally or informally articulate the ideas and philosophies we hold dear as Childlovers? We all seem to know certain things down deep, almost by instinct, and if not by instinct than by intuition. We all love kids. We all believe that no harm should be brought on a child. These things make sense when we feel them, it’s only when we think about the feelings that they start to unravel.

Perhaps this isn’t a bad thing though. Maybe this just belies the state in which we find ourselves in at present. We have a lot of great ideas. We have a lot of feelings towards numerous things in society. Some of us seem quite similar in how we fall on certain issues—so much that you’d think we were all sharing the same wiring, predisposing us to certain viewpoints. And who knows, maybe we are. What is also true is that none of us can express ourselves how we’d like. We can’t just talk about who and what we are without drawing damage from all sides, and the hoops society has set up to pass through on the way to that great mentoring gig in the sky are too troubling. We’re all held back in one way or another.

I don’t know, but something tells me that the same struggles I deal with just trying to communicate my feelings are shared struggles had by all Childlovers who can’t move beyond the first word in “I love you.”

(After all, it’s not about the "I", it’s about the "love", except the "you" is taboo… I’m sure you get my drift.)

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